What we do:

  • We will do everything in our power to ensure that the dog is healthy, vaccinated, spayed/neutered if possible, and socialized.
  • We will be completely open and honest about all issues relating health and sociability.
  • We will ensure that the dog is properly vaccinated and procure a Health Certificate and or shot records to travel.
  • We meet the travel companion a the airport with all documentation, required carrier and payment to cover any incurred costs if they not paid at arrival by adopter.
  • The Adopter is responsible for all costs associated with travelling (costs will be confirmed)
  • Health Certificate: US$25 (issued aprox. 2 to 7 days before travelling)
  • Rabies Vaccination for puppies under 3 months of age travelling: US$15
  • Vaccinations (full set) aprox. US$45
  • Canadian Agriculture Fee: CAD$35 (upon arrival in Canada)
  • USA Agriculture Fee: none known
  • Flight costs: Starting at US$50 up to US$200 for in cabin travel, depending the airline
  • Other flight costs like PETSAFE depends the weight, starting at US$300 if pet is shipped from USA already
  • Cost of plastic kennel (for cargo) or soft carrier (for cabin): US$50 to US$250 (sometimes u can borrow and return)
  • Payment options: at the Donation page or Paypal wirement, pls ask
  • Traveller must be citizen or resident of the country the dog goes to.
  • Having agreed to accompany a dog to its destination, the flight companion has to reserve the dog on their flight. We are not authorized to do this. There will be a charge to your credit card or you will be asked to pay at check in at the counter. This fee is fully covered either by Potcake Rescue Bahamas, or C.A.R.E. or the adopter at arrival.
  • Small dogs and puppies, travelling in the cabin, will need to be removed from the carrier bag at the security check point, the bag might be x-rayed, and then the puppy is replaced in the bag. You will pass through security and proceed to your designated gate with the puppy in your carry-on bag. When boarding the plane, please inform the flight attendant that you have a carry-on dog. You will be directed on how to properly store the bag under the seat in front of you. You may NOT remove the dog from the bag while in flight. Fortunately, most puppies sleep for the journey. On the customs form, you will need to indicate that you do have a "live animal".
  • Larger dogs travelling in cargo, will e checked in at the departures counter where your luggage is checked. A volunteer will remain with you and the dog until it has been secured by the airline personnel.
  • At the destination airport, the flight companion will need to collect the dog (in the baggage claim area) if the dog flew in cargo.
  • Then you will proceed to the customs department with the pet, to receive pet inspection and pay the customs fee (Canada). For carry-on dogs, please inform customs/security that uyou have a dog in your possession. After collecting your luggage, you will be directed to the Agriculture Division in order to have the pet inspected. (sometimes, sometimes not)
  • The owner and or the rescue person will be waiting in Arrivals to greet you and collect the pet and pay any open amount of money if there is any.