On occasion, volunteers, local Bahamians, Winter residents and other people who live here full and part time, and even tourists encounter dogs and cats that have been abandoned, poisoned, severely injured or are in varying states of dehydration and starvation. These animals usually require a veterinarian consultation and often a period of rehabilitation. Often the animals can be returned to their owners, should they exist, with medication and care instructions. However, there are times when this is not possible nor in the best interests of the animal. This is when a foster home can offer the best chance for recuperation and often survival.


Fostering an animal means that the dog or cat can rest and recuperate at its own pace with love, care, and attention. Many animals, particularly those that are free-roaming, find a kennel environment to be highly stressful thus inhibiting their ability to recover. A foster home not only offers an oasis to the traumatized animal, but even helps it to learn behaviours that may increase its chances of being placed in a forever home. Learning to trust a gentle hand, play with toys and other animals, walk on a leash, and respect the home are all acquired skills. If you are able to open your heart and home to foster a dog or cat, please let us know.

Here some example in pictures before and after: