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If you have not heard back from us within 2-3 days (not including weekends) please email us again or check on our Facebook page and message us. If you do not hear from us please do not take it personal.

Sometimes we actually may not have received your application and other times it's a matter of being accidentally overlooked.


1) Do you rent or own your home you currently live in?

2) If you rent, how long have you been living here?

4) Have you owned a pet before?

5) Do you have currently any pets living with you?

8) If you have other pets, are they up to date with their vaccinations?

10) Have you had a pet and gave it away?

12) Could this be a problem again?

13) How many children live in your home?

13) What age are the children?

14) Do children regularly frequent your home?

15) Will your pet live indoors or outdoors or a combination of both?

18) On a regular basis, how long will the pet be left alone?

19) Do you live in a House or Apartment?

20) Do you have a secure fenced yard?

23) Have you ever had a puppy before?

24) Are you willing to allow the new pet several weeks to adjust to you and your family and other pets in the household?

26) Dogs sometimes need training (housetraining, leash training, not to jump etc.) Will you be able and willing to handle this?

28) Will you be able to afford food, vet care and grooming?

29) Will you maintain a schedule for following? pls check what apply