BRIANNA, found in a garbage bag on the beach, in another bag her 2 little babies, Jasper and JayJay.

Rescued and fostered in Cabarete, Brianna went already to her forever home in Canada with the help of Dogs and Cats of DR another rescue group here.

The boys will go too if they cant find a local home. They are now almost 5 months a 2 happy campers.  

Peggy Sue and her puppies

Rescued by Connie in Cabrera she was high pregnant and dumped on the beach.

She took her home, she had her pups and all got good local homes.

Peggy Sue flew later on to Canada and lives there now happy ever after. 

Maya also from Cabarete living now the good life in Canada together with Bear a Potcake from Nassau adopted a few years back.

Also a cat lives with them and she loves all of them.

Sure she had to adapt to cold and snow but doing well.

Shari adopted from a visitor to DR

She will live half time in USA and most winters come back here to Cabarete. Lucky girl!!! 

Lily got adopted in Canada too, here just before leaving at the airport.

She enjoys her new life a lot with her family and being spoiled and sleeping on the couch. 

Winky, one eyed girl

she was found at 3 weeks of age on a beach abandoned in Cabrera by Connie, maggots did eat one of her eyes so now she has just one, but this doesnt stop her to be happy and healthy.

Now she got 1st vaccines and will fly when ready to her forever home to Canada. 

Sissi, 6 months old, was left behind when the old hotel was cleared of their squatters, PPl left her behind, couldnt or didnt want to take her along. Well in the end best whats happend for her and she found a great home in Canada.

Fuzz aka Fussl

happy living now in Canada with his new family and a spaniel doggie girl.

After being here all his life (3years) just in a yard, He sure will enjoy his life. Thank you for adopting him,

My 1st DR Dog adopted out!!!